Zinc ingot melting and casting and traction machine(from ingot to 12mm zinc rod)


用途/Usage 锌线熔炉及牵引机/Zinc Furnace and traction Machine
型号/Model XGR-3 XGR-6 XGR-9
出线头数/Tractin line No. 3 6 9
出线直径/Outlet Dia. 12mm
加热功率/Heating Power 75KW 85KW 105KW
最高牵引线速度/Max.Traction Speed 1m/min 1m/min 1m/min
机组占地/Occupation 3mX7m 6mX7m 9mX7m
启动时间/Starting time  4-6 hours
速度控制/Speed Control chain type or servo type
温度控制/Temperature Control Automatic temperature control

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