High Speed Electrodes Core Production Line


This line is for manufacturing electrodes cores or TIG wires, it includes wire payoff, descaling, wire drawing, cleaning, straightening and cutting and collecting processing.

This line is composed of payoff stand, descaler, drawing machine, degreasing machine, traction coiler, wire feeding device, straightening and cutting device, cutting device, conveyor and collector.


Technical Data

Cutting wire Dia.Φ2.0mm-Φ5.0mm

Cutting Length250mm-1000mm

Max. cutting Speed1000pcs/Min(350mm)

Drawing Power30KWX1+22KWX4

Coiler Power7.5KW inverter motor

Feeding Power7.5KW inverter motor

Cutting power11KW servo motor

Conveyor power0.75KW servo motor

Collector0.75KW servo motor


Straightening and cutting processing with drawing together at the same time

Adjustable cutting length

Touch screen input, Controlled by PLC, inverter and servo system


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